Clean, enriched, validated and homologated master data

In a world where the increasing data is the new “oil” for companies; we are the first data refinery

Data as the starting point

Data Solution

Optimizing, enriching and cleaning your master data to improve business intelligence and processes. Our DataQ technology ensures 100% data quality and up to 96% of data completeness, increasing the relevance on eCommerce product categories and sheets by up to 60%.

Data Quality

Give structure, certify and validate your data. We process “dirty” or inconsistent data to eliminate system complexity, providing you with homogeneous, guaranteeing the correct data across all fields, ensuring their quality for use and publication.

Manage your master data for omnicanality, UX/ UI

Through our solutions, create your data governance by managing all your systems and channels with the correct information. Learn about our success cases and check the solution.

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